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Automotive collectors have a variety of compelling reasons for collecting classic Porsches. These vehicles are valuable investments because there are several models that were limited editions when they were new. Drivers who collect classic automobiles also like classic Porsches because they provide a window into a past era of high-performance vehicles. Few classic cars perform as well as the 1955 Porsche 356 Speedster.

The 1955 version of the Speedster has become one of the essential classic cars for many collectors. This simple vehicle features a no-nonsense manual transmission that lets you shift gears in the 1600cc engine. The speedometer and other dials are simple to read with placement behind the oversize steering wheel. This wheel is a 3-spoke wood and alloy piece that is customary in all early-model Porsches.

Collecting Classic Porsches Without the Sales Pitch

The most important factor that will lead you toward a 1955 Porsche Speedster and other classic cars is the inclusion of original parts. The cloth top on the original was incredibly durable and designed especially for the conversion device. The alloy spare wheel was full-sized in the original version to keep drivers on the road, even in the case of a flat tire.

Here at VMC AutoGroup, service professionals and other members of our staff work tirelessly to locate documents on each vehicle. Manuals, original manufacturers' documents, and testimonials by original owners are included in our online listings. Without the pressure of a used car dealer or collector, you can review classic Porsches online. When you are ready to advance to the next step, please contact us directly at 713-783-6555 or 713-408-6612. We also have a dedicated email address for online inquiries.


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