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Hi, My Porsche 911 that I bought from VMC AutoGroup in 2017. I am very pleased with the car, even more than than I could expect when I bought it. It runs very well, is fast and have no oil leaks at all, and as you can see from the pictures, it is a beautiful car! Thanks for the good and helful service I got from VMC AutoGroup. Kind Regards, Lars from Norway. 1/2021
McKead law firm

I've purchased 2 cars from VMC AutoGroup and their team. One car sight unseen. They always been stellar in helping me find a quality 911. Their cars are always properly priced and they have a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Looking forward to finding another Porsche I cannot do without.
Ryan M. El Paso, TX

A BIG Thank You to Robert Neal and VMC AutoGroup! When we decided to sell our 1996 Porsche 911 we weren’t sure how to list such a rare classic sports car. Thankfully, Robert Neal provided the expertise. Robert and his staff detailed the car so it looked brand new, took amazing pictures, gave us advice on the current marketplace and listed the vehicle. Robert handled all emails and calls concerning the car. We got an offer, agreed on a price and our car sold in just two weeks! The process could not have been better.

Whether you want to buy or sell…look no further than the professionals at VMC AutoGroup! Cynthia

Robert the owner of VMC AutoGroup was very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process of selecting and prepping my 2010 Porsche 911 for delivery to CT. The car was well represented and I'm very happy with it. The shipper he coordinated got here extremely fast from TX with good communication, the car also arrived unscathed. I would definitely buy another one from him (which my wife has already suggested after driving it). I recommend the dealership to others. Lyle R.

Dear Robert and Staff,
I have long been attending to write you a note of appreciation for the huge service you rendered us following Hurricane Harvey. Firstly, thank you for discouraging me from making a hasty decision under stress and relinquishing our treasured "Blue Baby" (96 Targa). We owe our gratitude as well to your expert valuation guidance which duly influenced favorably insurance adjustor decisions. I cannot fully convey what it meant for us that you sheltered our car as it were your own for so many months and for that we remain deeply appreciative. God Bless You!

We relocated to the Georgetown area of the Texas Hill Country in the mid-summer. It has taken these many months to settle in but we are feeling home at last. We found a home with a garage suitable for our "blue baby" what a thrill it is to drive roads in this region of the state compared to our previous confinement to Houston's rugged pavements. Several P car interest groups are active in the area including a monthly gathering at werks! Shop in Temple about 35 miles up the Hwy (35N). Merry Christmas, Robert and come visit us in the New Year!

Wishing you all at VMC AutoGroup warmest happy Christmas wishes and all the best blessing through the New Year.

With warmest regards and gratitude for services rendered.
Steven and Shirley Taylor, 12/17/2018

In 2007, I purchase a 1982 Porsche 911SC coupe from Robert Neal. After years of pure enjoyment, I have decided to sell the car to make room for my teenager's vehicle. I thought it might be worth reaching out to Victory since I had a good experience buying it from you.

Please let me know if you have any interest in my car. It is still in very good shape (68k miles)!

Dan Bissmeyer

Hugo - I will and I appreciate the level of service in your business model.
Picking up and delivery of your customers’ vehicles – the concierge model – and personal service that Victory Motors offers is an excellent way of differentiating service levels from the Porsche dealers. Richard W.P.

I wanted to tell you how pleased I was with the 2004 911 C4S that I purchased from you. I found the car on Ebay and was not familiar with your dealership. I did some checking and you have a great reputation. You represented the car exactly how it appeared in person. I flew out to Houston and drove the car home to Florida. The Porsche not only appeared flawless but ran perfectly on the 1300 mile drive I made with a few side trips. I am a car nut and this Porsche was my 102nd vehicle. I am sure I will buy other cars from you. Thank You for the great service.
David Wickman
From Norway 2018 From Norway 2018

Diane and I recently purchased a 1996 Porsche Targa from VMC AutoGroup which we found through Cargurus. We were (apprehensive) about buying a used car sight unseen, but Robert Neal and his team at VMC AutoGroup made the entire process a true pleasure. Their description of the Porsche was totally 100% accurate, they delivered it to a local auto shop of our choice for a pre-purchase inspection, we received an excellent report! It was then shipped from Houston to our Florida home for a modest cost and we are delighted with it. We highly recommend VMC AutoGroup for their integrity and real commitment to customer satisfaction!

Diane + Ken
Riviera Beach, FL

Doing business with VMC AutoGroup was a TRUE PLEASURE. I was in the market for a clean Porsche 993 and they had a 1995 listed on their website that looked too good to be true. One owner car from Texas with over 50 pictures showing it to be in showroom condition.
Additionally, it was in my favorite colors Guards Red with Tan interior. I bought it and it was exactly as described with full service documentation since new. It arrived less than a week later and I couldn't be happier.
Robert and Hugo were great and even followed up after the sale,
Thanks again.
Jeff from Chicago 1/17/2018

Bought my car(964 cabriolet) without even seeing it!
all the way from SriLanka,
Robert kept up to his word, and even offered storage, did all work even without requesting......
911 classic shape has been my dream car and without Robert that dream would not have come true.............
People like this are a blessing to the world!

Sanjeeva Liyanage
Inventor /Aeronautical engineer

Hello Robert,
The Porsche 1977 911S did finally arrive in Australia and is now operating perfectly! I would like to thank you for your honesty about the car, friends that have seen it commented on how well it presents. Thank you. Filip P. January 2017

Once more, thank you for help and advice. As a novice vintage Porsche owner (now), I had to put my trust in you. I did my due diligence, of course, but, as you know, it's always a risk for someone like me who doesn't even know what to ask. You made this easy for me and Heather (HB) because of your assurance of trust that came through to me. I've thought about this car for a long time. HB wanted this now. She has cancer, but is plugging away. She's doing well. But it's important for me that you know you've made us very happy. Take care.

Dear Robert,

I wish to thank you for helping me acquire the black 1989 964.
It's not an easy decision to purchase a car over the internet without having the option to inspect it yourself. Hence I was initially reluctant to buy the car.

The car arrived in great condition, and faster than promised.

Facing minor unexpected repairs, you showed great after sales service by agreeing to assist with such.

I would be happy to purchase my next 993 from you, as well as recommend you to other air-cooled buyers.

Thank you, l love the car.
Jan Skovgaard

Dear Robert:

Finally i received my present ! I purchased a 1986 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa in March from VMC AutoGroup 5000 miles away .

I waited for Robert & company to refurbish the 911 including a complete motor rebuild along with the gearbox.
I also requested they install a complete stainless sport exhaust system add rear spacers and remove the factory rear spoiler.

Boy did they deliver !!!

After a month and half the 911 arrived in France it was (Perfect) in every way.

The 911 started right up and ran like a new Porsche.
Now as a Very Serious Aircooled Porsche Collector I will purchase my next Porsche from VMC AutoGroup & Robert with complete confidence and will not hesitate to recommend all of my friends to do the same.

Thanks Again Robert
Best Regards
Paris France.

Hi guys,

We were brainstorming ideas regarding getting some of the 356s out of the garage. We thought that if a shop had an open house for a 356 inspection using a lift, etc., we could get a crowd. Perhaps a Saturday AM. It would also be good for the job to generate business. We know that you guys use commercial shops. Would you recommend any for that purpose?
A related idea - a few years ago our club went to Pro Technik and put our cars on a dyno. Know any shops where we could do that? Mark

Mark ,
I take my cars to VMC AutoGroup in houston They have a relative new facilities and they do a very good Job working with our cars

Robert, has a very good team of mechanics, one of them is very experience with the Porsches

You know I’m very picki with my cars, I take them only there. I think if we can talk with Robert or Hugo Samano we can ask them if they are interested.

They are very nice people,
Hugo Zagaria

Thank you for the info. I'm looking to add to my collection and both these cars got my attention. I'm in the process of freeing up space and will get back with you when I'm ready to talk numbers. I purchased a 911 from you 10+ years ago and had a great experience. I should be ready in the next several months and will get back with you as I get closer. Jeff

I have two brothers, both have had positive purchasing experiences with you in the distant past, both residing in Tacoma Washington! Hoping to hear back with more info on some of your inventory, thanks. Casey M., San Diego

Hi guys-
I was referred to you by a client of mine and I’ve heard and seen nothing but great things about VMC AutoGroup. I am looking for a very specific vehicle and I was wondering if you can help me find one for purchase.
I would like a 993 generation (’95-’98) Porsche 911 C4s or C2S. I am a big fan of the wide-body setup as well as the turbo’s brakes and suspension found in the C4s. Absolutely has to have a manual transmission. Preferable colors are black, silver, gray, or red.
Thank you in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.
I currently drive a 2007 Audi RS4 that I will be selling or trading in towards the 911 if we can find one. Feel free to call if it is easier. Thanks! Alexander H.

Hello Robert,
My Targa continues to amaze as my weekend driver. After two trips to Seattle (650 miles) Carol and I are so appreciate of Victory Motors and your honest advise about this car and it was just as advertised! Below is a picture we took along side my Brother in Laws new 2015 Targa I thought you would enjoy.I am again interested in expanding my collection, now at three with two 97 C4S’s both under 20K miles. I took note of two cars in your inventory: the 1970 911E & 911T. They both look fantastic. May I get your pricing? Thanks Robert!! Tom Yerden

Hi Robert,
My name is Phil Owen in Broomfield, CO. I've tracked a number of your auctions and was one of the higher bidders on this 1980 911SC.
My complements on your excellent presentation of incredible Porsches, and the way you demonstrate that it is possible to deal with a long distance seller who does care about his buyers, and understands the trepidation someone might go through in buying a special car this way! I read through a number of testimonials on your website, and clearly you have a lot of satisfied, long distance clients.
This particular 911SC really caught my eye and met many of my search criteria in looking for a 911. I don't know if you plan to put it back up on eBay, or if you would entertain a discussion with me about a possible deal. I realize the car may be out of my budget range, but if not, I have a number of specific questions about the car I would be interested in running by you. Thanks much Robert. I look forward to your response. Best, Phil

Good morning from cool Carmel-by-the-Sea:
Just rubbing it in for suggesting that I'm getting all het up over a car. Well, I'm disappointed for you that the Targa wasn't up to snuff, but not truly for me. I now realize just how rare those Targas are, but to tell you the truth they don't do much for me.
I'm a visual guy, got it from my mother. I tried hard to buy myself a 2013 C4 with 2500 miles on it from a guy there in Houston (at the dealership) but I simply couldn't make myself like that artificial looking convertible top (looks like a pre-formed plastic top) or the ridge around the back end that destroys the aerodynamic design that was so classic. Plus, the "Navigation System" was about $7,000 and is less efficient than the one on my phone and Google could drive the damn thing--it has absolutely no personality and no soul; it's a Lexus all tricked out for old guys like me.
Actually, I only really love the 356 and the 993. I almost bought a beautiful Speedster at auction when I first came out here. However, it sold for the (then) unbelievable price of $150,000. The auctioneer said it was the finest example he had ever seen. I thought yeah, sure. Well, today it would bring an easy $300,000, maybe more. Realizing that I missed the boat on the 356 Speedster, I sort of turned my back on the Porsche market for good . . . and then as I got older and found myself in dire need of some zing in my life, being unable to do some of the epinephrine-dosed things that used to give me a thrill, the thought hit me that when I had my 1999 911 built for me I was truly after the last of the air-cooled engine model but instead, because I was working all the time and didn't pay attention, I got a lemon--so I decided to finally acquire one of the air-cooled models. I'm hoping the market will eventually take these cars up and away.
And I'm not usually a flip-flop sort of guy. I took your word on the white car because I make judgments about people and follow my gut. While I'm truly not a white car guy (I always buy black or silver), I'd rather have a great car painted white than a not-so-great car painted ocean blue or arctic silver. Still, when I saw that the other car--the much rarer Targa--was painted silver, I must say that it got me going there for a bit.
I'm looking forward to seeing the 993--and it's better if I go one step at a time; I'm the lowest level novice you've never met. My anxiety last night was that while I learned how to drive the 1977 (my first Porsche) by downshifting before going into an uncertain turn and then increasing acceleration, how on earth does the Tiptronic do that. I suppose I'll learn how to use it. Anyway, thanks again for your help in getting me into a nice car.

Dear Robert,
I would like to complement you and your team for the excellent service Victory Motors provided me during the purchase of my first Porsche 911. Buying my 964 "site unseen" while residing abroad, I relied entirely on your integrity to deliver a vehicle as described on your website.
I am very pleased with my car and extremely appreciative of the post sales support you have provided me since my purchase.
I will definitely be back to Victory Motors for my next air cooled Porsche.
William Ali Mills July, 2015

Hi Robert,
I love the midnight blue 964 Targa I bought from you last summer. I've put about 2000 miles on it and it runs great. Your cooperation in fixing the broken oil hose was very much appreciated. I replaced the Sumitomos with Michelins but otherwise the car is as it came from you.

I bought the Tiptronic to replace a 1985 Targa due to a foot condition that made it painful to use a clutch. I put off selling the 1985 until this spring and recently sold it on Hemmings for $37,000 to someone in Stuttgart. It's going back to its birthplace. I have a substantial deposit and the deal looks very secure but I'll leave the ad up until the balance is paid. See the photo below.

Thank you for providing the perfect car for someone with a bad clutch foot. I also love the greater torque and the more advanced steering and suspension.
All the best,
Carl Smith, Portland, Maine

Dear Robert, thought I would drop you a line and let you know how very pleased I am with my purchase of the 2003 Porsche 996C4S.
As you know I flew into Houston and drove the car home to Washington State. The first time I had seen the car is when I arrived to pick it up. I don’t normally buy cars of this type without first having a pre-purchase inspection and without seeing the car. However, because of your reputation within the Porsche family I made the purchase sight unseen. The car was absolutely as advertised!
Not one thing was wrong with the car and the car performed flawlessly on the 2970 mile route I took home. I went from Houston directly to Los Angeles and then took the Pacific Highway Route 1 all the way up the coast to Washington. Mileage overall was 24.3 mpg for the entire trip including some very spirited driving on Highway 1 and some (glad they didn’t catch me) high speed driving through the open stretches in Texas. Not a rattle in the car and according to the onboard computer and a physical check of the dipstick, not a drop of oil was burned.
If anyone anywhere wants to talk to a very satisfied customer please give them my phone number.
Best regards, David

Hi Robert, I believe you are one of the larger used Porsche 911 dealers in the country. With all the crazy price inflation regarding these cars, I am considering putting my 1994 911Turbo up for sale.
The pictures give you an idea of my car, I have owned as the second owner since 2000. I have only put a few thousand miles on it since I bought it. It was in Atlanta for the first owner who sold it to me with around 26000 miles.
Of course you would need to see it, but are you interested in letting my know roughly what the value is from your abundant experience for sale or auction? Thanks, Rick

Hello Robert!
I got the 993 cab in the beginning of Desember and now I have tried and tested it out a little and also make some modifications on It. And I am very satisfied with it and I can see it is a car without earlier bad repairs. Of course there is some nips and schratches in paint but in the total it is a very good 911. The 2. time I drive it The DME relay suddenly collapsed but I knew about this from before and took one from my other 993 and got started again. A new relay have a cost in Norway of ca 20$!! I think the relay did not handle the cold winterweather here in Norway…..
The colour combination with Polarsilver outside and black leather inside is very nice and I have looked after such a 993 cab for a time.
I have put on wintertires with Turbotwist rims in 19” and it looks amasing… (I always use 19” on 964 and 993, 18” on G-model), Kind regards Trond Arne Stensby, Norway.

Dear Robert Neal,
After 4 years of ownership I am still amazed.
1: that I would purchase a Porsche 930 sight unseen and
2: that I am still very satisified with the purchase.
It is unlike me to make a purchase of this size without personally inspecting the item. You provided over 30 photos of the car from every angle and answered all my questions to the point that I felt very comfortable making the decision to purchase. Now after 4 years of ownership I am still as thrilled with the car as I was when it arrived. Everything was as described by the photos and your descriptions. Just wanted you to know that 4 years later, I am one happy coustomer. Respectfully, Phillip D. Goswick

You're dealership is highly recommended by two Porsche friends from Germany who did business with you! I fully trust you! Thanks, kind regards! Take care! SMartin, Germany, 1990 Porsche 911 C4

Dear Robert, As a first time customer with VMC AutoGroup, I want to express how impressed I was with the service you provided me these past two weeks. I just received my 1995 Carrera and couldn't be happier! You were very kind enough to provide me your best recommendations to provide me the best Porsche in stock as well as providing me a great deal. If someone who is interested in purchasing a car from you has any questions, please feel free to use me as a reference as I would encourage anyone to purchase from you. I look forward to purchasing my next Porsche from VMC AutoGroup, Inc. Regards, MGenis, Toluca Lake, CA.

Dear Robert, The purpose of this letter is to commend your excellent service department. When I purchased from you, it was like a new car. Since then, I've put a lot of miles on the car and recently had the major 90,000-mile service performed at VMC. When I picked up my car, it was unbelievable. The appearance and performance of the car are as good as the day you sold it to me! The other nice thing is the price. It's fair by any standard and outstanding when you consider the quality! C. Odom, TX

Robert, As a corporate sales guy, I have long been familiar with the adage that out of the - superior product, excellent service, and fair price - trifecta one can only choose two.  And, all too often it is true.  You and VMC AutoGroup disprove the rule.  Your product is unmatched by any competitor, your knowledge and service are above and beyond expectation, and the price was more than fair.  I had all but given up on finding the Porsche I've searched for over the last 10 years.  But thanks to you I not only own the exact car I wanted, it is a beautiful example of it's kind.  A clean, well cared for, mechanically sound, air-cooled Porsche 911 .  The cars alone put you in a class by yourself.  Still, you go above and beyond in service and care for your customers.  It goes without saying that I have and will continue to point fellow Porsche enthusiasts to Victory to find their dream car. Best, Sean A.

Robert, I just wanted to thank you for your help and kindness with J.D.'s car. It is great to do business with someone like you. Most people are not even on the same page as you are. I hope you have a great year! JPlant, 2003 C4S, Houston, TX

I currently have a 2008 Carrera S. The new Porsche being longer, wider, electronic with console buttons doesn't appeal to me as a sports car buyer. My favorite Porsche was my 1988 911 Targa. It was a civilized car, but not with the "washed out blandness of todays cars..." Richard

Dear Robert
Thank you for all your excellent repair work on my '98 Convertible after the unfortunate t-bone accident in December.

The color match, fit and finish, and mechanical work were great. The color match to the 15 year old Zennith Blue Metallic paint was perfect to me and even my wife – who was a producer of high fashion catalogs and is a color match perfectionist.

I have been pleased with everything about you, your team, and VMC AutoGroup since purchase of this car in April.

Please feel free to share this as my testimonial to the great work and integrity of yourself, your team, and VMC AutoGroup.

Thank you,

David Kehn, 1998 Porsche 911 Carrera Convertible

Dear Robert, Thank you again for all of your help. I have been extremely happy with both the purchase and sale of my vehicle through Victory and would recommend you to anyone looking to purchase or sell a Porsche. Sincerely, Jeffrey M.P.

Robert, Sorry I haven't dropped you a line until now. It's been four months or so since I purchased my 1995 911 from Victory. I still haven't found anything wrong with the car. It's like a new car whose odometer happens to read 51,000. Also, thanks for taking my original 914-6 in trade. Can't wait to see it restored. I'll be back in a few years when I either need an automatic or want a Turbo. Regards, Mike Williams

To whom it may concern.
I am probably the most satisfied customer of Robert of VMC AutoGroup on the planet. I bought a 1990 911 Cab. A few days after picking up the car I had a few of the lights such as the check engine and the brake light go on. I emailed Robert. He picked up the car, repaired it, and even dropped it off at my house at no charge. When he says that the car comes with a warranty, he stands by his word. I appreciate his honesty and customer service.
Raghu Athrel

Robert - It is a bit scary to buy something site unseen. This doesn't happen often but it is BETTER than I thought it would be. Absolutely what I was looking for and I can be picky. Will definitely look at Victory first time every time and direct others to you when I can. Thanks again. --BSewell, 1996 Porsche TN

Robert, Wow! You and your team did a magnificent job returning my 33 year old Targa to "better-than-new' condition. I took it for an extended drive today, everything functioned well - I had forgotten what a wonderful car this is to drive. Please extend my thanks to your wonderful mechanics for all the great work they did, from the brakes, to the engine overhaul, to the paint job, to the dash and interior, etc, etc. I will wait for a warm day to check out the new ac system. Jeff

Hello Mr. Neal, a good friend of mine bought a Porsche 993 from you last year and was very happy with you handling the transaction. As I drive currently a Porsche 996, which is way too luxurious for my taste, I'm thinking about buying a older model and I'm interested in your advertised 1989 Porsche white/black. Could you please give me an idea about your price suggestion and about the total costs including shipping to Germany plus modification to German standard for this car? Thank you very much for your help and a happy New Year from Germany, Ingo

To potential future customers of VMC AutoGroup:

My name is Gil Johnson and I am not related to anyone associated with Victory motors nor do I have any profit interest in the company.

On December 6 I purchased a beautiful 1996 Porsche from Robert Neal. I was very pleased with his service department and his sales staff. They were very professional from start to finish. Robert gave me every opportunity study the car and he answered all of my questions with complete candor. There was not the slightest attempt to deceive or oversell the vehicle. I know that it may be difficult to spend a fairly large sum of money with someone you have had no previous knowledge of but I feel that Robert and his staff are very honest and I would not hesitate to do business with them in the future.

I had a memorable and pleasant drive back to Austin in a mechanical work of art. I definitely enjoy the car more than I enjoyed having the money in the bank. Gil Johnson, Spicewood, TX

Dear Robert, Thanks for such a great restoration job on my 1987 911 Cab. When you arranged to pick it up from my house in the country where is had been sitting outside for years, it was in terrible shape. When I picked it up, I could not believe it was the same car. Thank you for all you did at such a reasonable price. Please accept this gift as an expression of my gratitude. Sincerely, Bill Frisco

Mr. Neal,  To begin, your website is by far the most informative, well organized and consistently exciting Porsche "place" to visit. I initially learned of VMC AutoGroup from Panorama and visit your page often. I'm in the navy and we're relocating this summer, and ideally would like to make a purchase around June/July. Looking forward to hearing from you.. MWeeldryer

Mr. Robert, I just wanted to send you a quick note letting you know just how much I am enjoying the 1989 Carrera Cabriolet I recently bought from you. The service and professionalism that I encountered from you, Aurora and Chris in your service department has been nothing less than top notch. Having seen the caliber of vehicle you offer first hand (the car is in excellent shape, in fact everyone to whom I show it comments on that fact) I will be referring anyone I know in the market for an air-cooled Porsche to you. The only surprise I can honestly say I did not anticipate from this purchase is the amount of comments and attention this amazing car rightfully gets.. I can well and truly say that I will enjoy my Carrera for many years to come. Thank you. CTumey, Lake Charles, LA

I first want to start off by saying that Robert Neal and his organization at VMC AutoGroup were recommended to me by a friend that used own a Porsche Dealership. His comment was to me you will never find a more respectable and honest used Porsche dealership in the country. I am so thankful that I followed my friend's advice. Being a first time buyer of a Porsche I was a little intimidated when I walked through the showroom doors, but the feeling soon left after being greeting by his cordial staff and then meeting the owner Mr. Neal. Mr. Neal spent hours educating me on Porsche cars and finding the right car to fit my needs. His inventory of quality Porsche cars matches his website exactly. What you see on the website is exactly what you see in the showroom. After finding the right car in his showroom, Mr. Neal and I came to purchase price quickly without the typical back and forth usually one experience in buying an auto. I thoroughly checked the USA markets for cars and found his prices were extremely fair. My overall experience with Mr. Neal and VMC AutoGroup was nothing short of excellent.

In closing, I highly recommend this organization for its honesty and integrity. After I purchased car I drove from Texas to my home in Florida and it ran as nice as it looked. This is the first car purchase in my 30 years of buying cars that I felt truly satisfied, but most important of all the things I said about company is that I gained a good friend from this purchase. Thanks Again Robert.... BRiemann, Lake Mary, FL

"Now that our little odyssey has come to a copacetic conclusion, some expressions of gratitude are in order...Then comes Robert Neal and the staff at VMC AutoGroup, including (but not limited to) Aurora Abernathy and Hugo Samano. Everything about the purchase and the subsequent delivery were smooth, professional and actually enjoyable." DMotaka, 1988 Porsche 911 Coupe. PA

"Robert, Not sure if you will remember me but I came to you from Wyoming back in April to purchase a 1995 911 Black / Tiptronic which has turned out to be more than an excellent car and a complete pleasure to drive. I was just looking at your web-site which I do frequent as it is one of if not the best out there. I noticed that you have [another 911 I'm interested in]..." JKren, 1995 Porsche 911. WY

Dear Robert: The Porsche arrived tonight. I took it for its first drive. It was as described - exceptional!! Thank you. I would certainly recommend Victory Motors to anyone considering a Porsche and the direct and professional service provided by you and your staff.. Thanks again, JCarson - 1995 Porsche 911 Cab. Alberta, Canada

Dear Mr. Neal,
I have been following your website, sales, and auctions for years. We have actually spoken on the phone about a couple of cars. Your candor and politeness is a unique approach not found often in your industry. I am also impressed with your marketing approach. You have a very specific audience, who appreciates exactly what you bring. Porsche ownership. The pictures and descriptions separate you from the crowd, but your record for customer satisfaction is the differentiators and value driver. JHammer

Hi Robert, Just a note to say that the '95 Carrera 4 is in beautiful shape. It drives great. I was gone when it arrived and my wife took delivery. Your driver was very courteous and helpful to her getting the car unloaded and parked. I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent service and the wonderful C4. Best Wishes, JMinor, 1995 Porsche 911 C4, West Palm Beach, FL

Robert, I've had my new (to me) '91 C4 Targa for 2 weeks now and am very pleased. I was  a bit anxious having bought the vehicle sight unseen, but as it turns out, it is an excellent specimien as you promised...my air-cooled mechanic confirmed I did very well on my purchase. Thanks for your time. Thanks, MHorner, Honolulu, HI 1991 C4

I am planning on purchasing a 911 before the end of the year, and would prefer to buy from you all based on your history and specialization.  I have just liked them since I was a kid.  JCN, TX

Robert, Got the 930 and it is mint. Love it love it love it. Drives amazing too and everything works! Felipe Pazos , 1986 Porsche 930 Turbo, Miami, FL.

Robert, John and I really enjoyed our visit to your facility last week. I was really impressed with your operation. Now I need to figure out how to buy one of your cars. Best Regards, JBeasley, Tulsa, OK,

Robert, Just wanted to let you know I took delivery of the Porsche last night. WOW!!! Amazing car. I have attached a picture of it coming off the delivery truck. My wife says I normally don't smile at all because I hate pictures. lol Thanks again, a dream that turned into reality. RShepherd, 1996 Porsche 911 Cpe, MD

Robert & Aurora, I want to thank you very much for the recent purchase of the 911. I received the vehicle yesterday and it is everything you said...Beautiful, the entire transaction was very comfortable and professional. I will enjoy the car very much for years to come. Again, Thank you MBarron, 1986 Porsche 911 , WI

Robert, I wanted to write you and let you know how much I enjoyed doing business with you and VMC AutoGroup. Your experience and deep knowledge of the Porsche products helped me find what is ultimately the perfect car and your professionalism and integrity made the entire transaction really pleasant. I am thrilled with my purchase and enjoy every minute of the driving experience.   Thanks again for everything and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. W.Betts, Houston, TX 2006 Porsche 911S.

Robert, I must say you represented the Porsche extremely well and we thank you for your honesty. Words like honesty, dedication, loyalty and respect are today hard to find in business anymore.  You have drawn a line in honesty and are not crossing that line in search for additional profits.  Your dealership deserves recognition for holding the line you presented. The car is beautiful; my wife says the 993 reminds her of our 912 back in 1972. Nothing like the air-cooled motor rumble…. Jean, OR

Robert, Thank you for your assistance and professional knowledge in the purchase of my Porsche. Even though I knew the specifications of the car I wanted, without personally being able to view the car was difficult.  Your description of the cosmetic appearance and mechanical system was right on. My expectations were high but the quality of this ten-year-old car was even higher. Thanks again. M. Farrahar, IL

Robert, I would like to express how satisfied I am with my 1987 Porsche and the service that you and your dealership have provided me with. The car has exceeded my expectations and I have already referred several colleagues to your website who are looking for quality air-cooled Porsches.  Once again, thank you for a truly exceptional buying experience and I wish you continued success. D. Krok, Canada

Robert, My 1996 Turquoise C4S is awesome! I couldn't be more pleased with the purchase. And what a head-turner! This has been a great month for me- Rennsport and a carrera. Thank you SO much for all your help, honesty and integrity.. Harloff, NY

To VMC AutoGroup:  I've had the pleasure of "managing" my son's Commemorative Edition 1988 911 over the last year. I assisted him in purchasing this car, as he was stationed abroad. My "managing" privileges including driving, polishing, and showing off this beautiful car. This time-capsule was new in all but model year. The upholstery, carpets, seats, engine wiring harness , switches, controls were all as new. Over the past year, this vehicle has been an absolute driving pleasure. Thanks ever so much Robert and Victory for allowing my son and I to drive the vintage car of our dreams! MPate, 1988 Porsche 911 Coupe. Eldersberg, MD

Robert, Great job servicing my 914-6! Now I know what it drove like in 1970. Best regards, MWilliams.  P.S. The fact that your service department was founded to work on Victory's cars is obvious. MWilliams, 1970 Porsche 914,.Houston, TX  

Dear Robert, Just received my 1990 C2; are you sure it isn't new?  It's gorgeous.. I worried so much about buying a car sight-unseen, but all my research indicated I could trust you, and boy did you come through! i want to say thanks, Hook 'em Horns , and you ever need a reference for a California buyer, let me know. Sincerely, MIllingworth, 1990 911 Coupe. Clovis, CA

 Greetings Robert, Leading up to its delivery, I had been nervous about this car, not knowing you, having bought it sight unseen, etc. But if my experience over time is anything close to today's, I've got myself a glorious automobile! Thanks very much for taking care of me, Robert. It's been a pleasure dealing with you and I will recommend you highly. Best Regards, CPahlavan, 1998 Porsche 911 C2S Coupe. San Fransisco, CA

I recently purchased a 96 911 coupe from Victory and the process was easy and without any issue. The car was even better than described and the pictures showed. I flew in to get the car and drive it home some 2000 miles. Robert and his staff were great. The car has been awesome and I intend to purchase another through Victory. JMcCarthy, 1996 911 Coupe. Canada

I recently acquired a 90 C4 from Victory and the car was better than described. I had my local Porsche shop check it over last week and they said it was one of the cleanest 911'2 he has ever check (for 17 years old)! RRoller, 1990 911 C4 Cab. San Antonio, TX

I had a memorable and pleasant drive back to Austin in a mechanical work of art. I definitely enjoy the car more than I enjoyed having the money in the bank. GJohnson, 1996 911 Coupe- Spicewood, TX

I have bought two (2) cars from Victory Motor Cars. I have been very happy with both. If you want a fun reasonably priced sports car, Robert gives you that and more. JJohnson, 1995 911 Cab. Los Angeles, CA

The car is GORGEOUS and completely matched or even exceeded the website description and my expectations. I am 100%+ pleased with Robert Neal, his staff and my beautiful dream Porsche. I would definitely deal with him again and would recommend him to anyone! AYoung, 1997 911 Targa. Scotia, NY

Robert Neal at Victory was very fair in changing some things for me at my request (swapping wheels, removing hardware, wet sanding/buffing an area on the lid). I had these addressed as planned and I'm driving a 12-year-old car in excellent shape. I would buy another car from Victory – and do your homework. MHotchman, 1994 Speedster. Charleston, SC

The car is a dream come true for me. Beautiful car at a fair price. I would buy from Victory again and recommend that my friends buy from Robert.  MSommer, 1986 930 Coupe- Seabrook, TX

First, where else in the United States…can you find such a large selection of air-cooled Porsches?…After the purchase of my new 16 year old 1991 C2 there were some things that were found that needed repair that were definitely on my dime and a mechanical problem that I felt should have been covered. I called Robert and told him and he has not only made good on those repairs but has gone above and beyond to ensure that I am a satisfied customer.  GCamargo, 1991 911 Coupe. San Antonio, TX

I recently bought a 1989 911 Speedster from Robert Neal at Victory. He was very accommodating to my needs and I had a good experience. I will buy another car from Mr. Neal, he has the uncanny ability to find and present beautiful examples of air-cooled Porsches.  MWilson, 1989 Speedster. Corpus Christi, TX

Because I live in London I was somewhat hesitant to purchase a car sight unseen especially since I am a first time Porsche owner. I called Robert Neal directly and found him to be very knowledgeable not only about his own inventory of vehicles but of others being sold by other dealers throughout the US. We had about a dozen conversations before I decided on the 911. He was never pushy or aggressive and I found his patience reassuring. I have now had the car for a few weeks and love driving it everyday. Owing a Porsche is truly a unique experience. I would have absolutely no reservations about buying another car from Victory and would strongly recommend them to anyone.  ECuan, 1993 911 Coupe. UK

Dear Robert, thank you so much for being so considerate of my on-again, off-again purchase of my dream Porsche! With the state of the economy, the family needs, and all of the delays including the hurricane that went through Houston when I was scheduled to visit the showroom, it is a wonder that we ever got the deal done! And it was a wonderful experience!

Thank you so much. Your support of your product was appreciated and went beyond the warranty. I will highly recommend VMC AutoGroup to whomever would be interested in buying a Porsche from a very reputable and long-standing business.  RMRay, 1999 Porsche Coupe. Seminole, FL

Two years ago I purchased a 1995 911 from you. It has been a wonderful car and I have had a great experience owning it. The only problem is that my wife and I just found out that we are expecting twins! Though I hate to see the car go, I really can't see me keeping it. It has been cared for meticulously and is in great condition inside and out for being my daily driver. Thanks.  MLadenburg, 1995 911 Cab. Clear Lake, TX

I finally managed to pick it up in Bremerhaven, I put Number plates on and it was ready for the 5 hours drive back to Nuernberg. The vehicle looks perfect and even the person from the garage told me that it is in really good shape (painting, interior, technically etc). In addition, I found a list in the glove compartment that shows that you invested a lot of detailing to make the car this nice. All in all, thanks for a - almost - perfect car, I will definitely forward this positive experience mouth to mouth as I feel that you are really into the topic and only sell great cars. Cheers from Germany.   Joerg, 1989 911 Targa, Germany

Robert: This is a follow up to our conversation today on the possible deal of trading in my 87 911 Carrera Convertible purchased from you for a 95 to 97 Carrera Convertible with manual transmission. Please consider my offer and/or keep me in mind as you secure a vehicle like the one I'm considering. I am very pleased with my purchase experience with you and look forward to a deal in the future.  AHerrera, 1987 911 Cab. Plano, TX

I picked up the white Porsche yesterday and the car is indeed in fantastic condition and drives very well. Purchasing the car was a great experience due to the high level of professionalism exhibited by yourself and Aurora. You and Aurora made purchasing a Porsche sight unseen a very pleasant experience.  DKrok 1987 911 Coupe. Canada

I have received the 3.6 turbo and its more than amazing just like the pictures even better in reality. It runs fantastically too. Just wanted to thank you for your cooperation in making this possible and one of the smoothest and safest transactions ever. I will definitely recommend you for future business.  AAl-Duwassain, 1994 911 Turbo Coupe. Kuwait

It arrived well. I am in the process of having the registration and conversion (lights only) completed. The dealership I am using in Berlin, Lundt Auto, told me that Victory has a great reputation in Berlin and that your cars are always as billed. He indicated that my 911 was perfect, all original...as billed! Thanks for everything. You have a very satisfied customer here.  RCain, 1995 911 Cab. Germany

The car is great, much, much more that I expected to get. It runs perfect (+175 MPH) ... (after a 300 mls warm up.). Cheers, Roland, 1990 911 Coupe. Germany

I sincerely appreciate your very capable and professional help in selling our 02 Suburban, my 76 911 Turbo, and 74 Ferrari Dino. I also want to tank you for helping me realize my next dream, a 98 C2S. Thank you so much for also handling that transaction skillfully and much to my satisfaction. As I am someone who likes to change cars frequently, I look forward to working with you again. BJones, 1998 911 S Coupe. Houston, TX

I am always impressed every time I walk into his showroom and speak to his staff. RJackson, local PCA member


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